Ready to revolutionize the world of grinding together?

At Adelbert Haas, we design and manufacture high-end grinding solutions. In an international team, all employees on three continents make their contribution to a successful future.

With your know-how, your commitment and your motivation to learn, we continue to develop every day. And we have been doing so in a crisis-proof manner for almost 100 years in the pleasant working atmosphere of a family-owned company.

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*Whether you are male, female or diverse, what counts with us is your personality and your passion for what you do.

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We are a highly dynamic company and are constantly faced with new and interesting challenges.

This means that we need active support at all times, even outside of our job advertisements. Career changer? Doesn't matter. Career start? Doesn't matter. Still little experience? Doesn't matter. All that matters is that you fit in with us and want to make a contribution.

Why Adelbert Haas?
8 facts about our company.

We get along very well.

We are one big family. This shows in the way we treat our colleagues sympathetically, address conflicts or problems transparently and celebrate successes. Together, we always find a solution.

We are diverse.

That's what we value: the personality, passion and strengths of our employees. Everything else is secondary.

We can do more than just grinding machines.

After 90 years as a machine builder, we have also made a name for ourselves as a pioneer in the field of grinding software. The result: automated grinding processes according to individual customer requirements. .

We are Made in Germany

Typically German. Typically Swabian. With us, everything runs smoothly. We are focused, determined and creative. Three virtues that motivate our employees and make our products better.

We promote careers.

From apprentice to team leader: not an unusual story at Adelbert Haas. We support our employees in grinding away at their careers with internal feedback, challenging tasks and coaching.

We offer diversity.

The company is growing. And so are its projects. As a technology leader in the grinding industry, Adelbert Haas offers its employees challenging, diverse tasks from areas that are sometimes unexplored.

We keep the hierarchies flat.

At Adelbert Haas, every opinion is worth the same. As a team, we discuss current problems in regular meetings. The solution: A vote in which every voice is important.

We have a vision.

Our goal: to push the grinding industry forward. By leading the way instead of lagging behind. Or opening up opportunities instead of compromising. Sound good? Then join us in the process.

Solid performance: our benefits

If you want to move the grinding industry forward, you need a strong engine. At Adelbert Haas, it's our employees who push us every day and grind the status quo once again. Recognition and appreciation is therefore an automated process at our company.

Pleasant working atmosphere

Our working environment is technical and our atmosphere human. Even after work, Adelbert Haas encourages joint activities: such as going out together or the annual summer party. A culinary bonus: our coffee machine, fruit basket and various types of ice cream.


We are moving towards the future: also in terms of training our employees. At Adelbert Haas, we learn from each other by sharing expertise. Or promoting the strengths and skills of our employees in personal training.


We offer a life-work balance: With 30 days of vacation and flexible working hours, everyone at Adelbert Haas finds a good balance between employment time and free time.


At Adelbert Haas, you are more than just a small wheel in a big machine. Everyone can help shape their daily work routine: Individually according to personal strengths and interests.

Simply apply quickly

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