The Multigrind® CA.
The precision tool.

Technical specifications


The compact 5-axis grinding center with all the technical details. From precision tools and turbine blades to gearbox shafts and knee implants: You can grind just about anything on the Multigrind® CA. Or more importantly, exactly what you want. The center features our Adelbert Haas Multicube design with a cubic mineral composite base and symmetric arrangement. There are no mechanical surpluses and no projections. For maximum stability, vibration dampening and exemplary precision. Tool changers and automation make your grinding projects cost-effective and reliable. 



The Multicube design has precision at its heart.

Our specialist: The Multicube is made from thermally stable mineral composite with cast-in X- and Y-axes and a central grinding unit. There are no surpluses, little thermal expansion and vibration dampening for maximum stability. Thanks to our kinetic arrangement, the grinding wheel lies in the machining center of the Z-axis. Located at the top, the Z-axis ensures significantly reduced paths and faster machining – in an impressive working range of 630 mm (X-axis), 345 mm (Y-axis) and 430 mm (vertical Z-axis). Sinamics control. On request, we can provide a sixth axis for even greater freedom of movement.


Multi-tasker and grinding application specialist in one.

Grind what you want – the Multigrind® CA grinds virtually any tool and workpiece with diameters of up to 260 mm and lengths of 450 mm. Four grinding spindles to suit requirements, one of which is a high-speed spindle delivering 30 kW and in excess of 35,000 rpm. Developed, manufactured, accurately balanced and partly fitted with hybrid bearings in-house. Parallel dressing ensures the same high level of precision. XING dressing keeps even pointed grinding wheels in perfect geometric shape. For dimensional accuracy right to the last workpiece.


Grinding and milling: special operations.

The workpiece becomes the tool: To work with maximum cost-effectiveness and in one clamping process, the Multigrind® CA also allows you to mill. And thanks to numerous special options, such as the relief grinding unit or the integrated belt grinding machine, you can grind in one clamping process. For greater cost-effectiveness and dimensional accuracy, because reclamping takes time, costs money and compromises on precision. Fully integrated in hardware and software. The first automatically adjustable coolant nozzles ensure that cooling takes place just where you want it – without any readjustments. 


The tool changer is ideal.

The patented pickup tool changer handles complex grinding projects in a flash, even those in automated volume production. Designed as standard for 7 wheels (diameter of up to 250 mm) or 13 wheels (diameter of 100 mm). The double wheel version can hold up to 25 wheels depending on diameter. Alternatively, the second wheel space can hold coolant protection. A complete tool change takes just 8 seconds. On request, delivered as a tool magazine for 65 grinding wheels and 20 coolant protections. Tested for lower tooling and item costs by the aerospace industry and medical technology manufacturers, for example. 


Projects can be ground with ease using automation.

Our automation concepts make grinding processes even more cost-effective. Reliable processes with the same high levels of quality. For example, the automation booth for robots, including control by the Multigrind® Horizon grinding software. Various pallets and workpiece carriers for changes with great positioning accuracy. Gripper fingers and additional modules with the right technology for your grinding task. Consistency throughout: cost-effectiveness and precision. And the support of our automation experts.

Multigrind® Horizon

One of the most important components of our machines. Licensable for yours. Improves grinding machines of any type.

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