The Multigrind® CB XL.
The new dimension.

Technical specifications

The Multigrind® CB XL is the new benchmark. Our machine for the big picture takes Multicube technology into a totally new dimension. It’s designed for workpieces which to date have been virtually impossible to machine in one go, especially not to Adelbert Haas quality levels. Components are made in one piece for even greater dimensional accuracy and precision. The machine table comes in two variants with lengths of 1,400 or even 3,200 mm. We have retained machining in the center and the proven Adelbert Haas precision. All the benefits and opportunities afforded by the Multigrind® CB series. With axis paths of 500 mm (Z-axis), 410/850 mm (Y-axis), up to 3,200 mm (X-axis) and +70°/-250° (C-axis). 



Controlling force and space:
Multicube design.

Our specialist: The Multicube is made from thermally stable mineral composite with cast-in X- and Y-axes and a central grinding unit. Less surplus force and less expansion for consistent precision. Special vibration dampening. The CB XL also offers machining in the center. Impressive paths of 700 mm (X-axis), 430 mm (Y-axis) and 500 mm (vertical Z-axis) for greater clearance and grinding space. Sinamics control. 


Extensive precision:
grinding processes.

The CB XL is taking the Multigrind® series into a new dimension. As the benchmark for the industry, it combines the contrasts of precision and force to completely new standards. Choose from grinding spindles and A-axes with direct drive developed, manufactured, accurately balanced and partly fitted with hybrid bearings in-house. Use continuous dressing to dress grinding wheel in parallel with the main operation. And most importantly of all: Powerful, precise performance means that you machine more day in, day out. With maximum dimensional accuracy.


Our standards are integrated as standard:

Complex grinding process can be controlled and reproduced with great ease thanks to the probing unit integrated as standard. For measuring, aligning and testing for dimensional accuracy. Or on request via wireless probes, stored in the tool changer, can be changed via the HSK interface. Use compensation probing to establish deviations from the setpoint in the ground area. Requires no external probing technology. No lost time, no reclamping mistakes and no additional costs. With (process) reliability. 


Grinding and milling:
special operations.

The workpiece becomes the tool: To work with maximum cost-effectiveness and in one clamping process, the Multigrind® CB XL also allows you to mill. Thanks to numerous special options, such as the relief grinding unit or the integrated belt grinding work, you can work right up to the last grind in one clamping process. For greater cost-effectiveness and dimensional accuracy, because reclamping takes time, costs money and compromises on precision. Fully integrated in hardware and software. The first automatically adjustable coolant nozzles ensure that cooling takes place just where you want it – without any readjustments. 


The tool changer is ideal.

The patented pickup tool changer handles complex grinding projects in a flash, even those in automated volume production. Designed as standard for 7 wheels (diameter of up to 250 mm) or 13 wheels (diameter of 100 mm). The double wheel version can hold up to 25 grinding wheels depending on diameter. Alternatively, the second wheel space can hold coolant protection. A complete tool change takes just 8 seconds. On request, delivered as a tool magazine for 70 grinding wheels for lower tooling and item costs, in the aerospace industry or medical technology, for example.


Complex projects can be ground using automation.

Our automation concepts make grinding processes even more cost-effective – reliable processes with the same high levels of quality. Robots and the Multigrind® CB XL are an unbeatable team for parallel and volume production. Whether you work in the housing or in even more complex production, control using the Multigrind® Horizon software comes as standard. The Haas experts will automate your production process too.

Multigrind® Horizon

One of the most important components of our machines. Licensable for yours. Improves grinding machines of any type.

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