5 days | 22 hours | 55 minutes: Starting signal for EMO Milano 2021

The set-up for EMO has already been in full swing since Sunday. The machines from the Multigrind® series have arrived in Milan and are already on the stand. Multigrind® CU, Multigrind® CA and Multigrind® CB are finally in place and waiting for the visitors. The showcases and the monitor steles are prepared and the area for the software demonstrations on Multigrind® Horizon and Multigrind® Styx is being painted.

While preparations in Milan are taking their usual course at booth F08G07 in Hall 2, quality assurance in Trossingen is also working at full speed. One last time before the machines are run in by our grinding experts tomorrow, the exhibits were measured on 29.09.2021 at 10:35 am. 

The measurement protocol for the skiving tools stands out in particular. What the grinding experts already knew after grinding, the measurement protocol confirmed: Software is the precision driver.


From the drawing to high-precision gear cutting with +2µm/-3µm

Until now, there was no satisfactory software solution on the market for the ever-increasing precision requirements in the production of skiving tools. In contrast to the established software solutions, Haas Schleifmaschinen calculates back from the perfect geometry of the cylindrical gearing to the geometry of the skiving tool. The motion sequences in production and the relative speed of the flanks define the future geometry of the respective skiving tool. Multigrind® Horizon thus calculates with the exact path resulting from the movement of the gear.

Shortened grinding times and standard grinding wheels

The desired grinding paths are projected onto the calculated surfaces longitudinally, transversely and trochographically. The contact point between tool and workpiece can thereby move on the grinding wheel coating. This shortens the grinding paths and thus the grinding time. Standard grinding wheels are used for this purpose. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive form grinding wheels.

Hardware and software: From a single source. Simply unbeatable.

However, the implemented calculation model is only one side of the coin. The other is the implementation. Because precise software requires equally precise coordination with precise hardware. The highly accurate transfer of the Multigrind® Horizon software to the machine movement does not allow any deviations. To generate this precision, the grinding wheel must be aligned to within one ten-thousandth of a degree.

The necessary performance in the grinding process cannot be achieved without sophisticated measurement technology and continuous dressing of the tools. The desired accuracy of the skiving tool - and subsequently that of the gear - can only be achieved if all production steps are coordinated in a collaborative process. The basis for the fine correction of the skiving tool is the results of permanent remeasurement with subsequent compensation of errors. This automatic process runs entirely in the sense of a closed loop. In this way, the quality remains constant and error-free - workpiece for workpiece. The software handles this production sequence reliably and quickly, even in unmanned operation.

PS: Of course, we also have the measurement protocol for you in our luggage.

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Thomas Bader

Managing Director

Thomas Bader is an enthusiastic aerobatic pilot, engineer with heart and soul and managing director at Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH.

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