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Have you also missed something in the last few months? The personal dialog? Face to face? Talking about technical matters together? Discovering new solutions together? Or simply being inspired by what the future has in mind for us grinding experts.

Wir wollen zusammen mit Ihnen durchstarten und die Schleiftechnologie durch die Zukunftsbrille betrachten. Mit außergewöhnlichen Schleiftechnologie-Highlights und  Best-Practice-Vorführungen auf unseren We want to take off together with you and look at grinding technology through the lenses of the future. With extraordinary grinding technology highlights and best practice demonstrations on our Multigrind® high-tech grinding machines. We show you how you can benefit directly from digitization and visualize how the analog and the digital are growing together. With inspiring impulse lectures and in personal conversation, from expert to expert.

We show you the future of high-tech grinding and you receive real added value: your personal Future Update.

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GrindDialog 2021, from November 10 to 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Haas Schleifmaschinen in Trossingen.

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Here is a selection of what you can experience live at GrindDialog 2021 in Trossingen:

Skiving Tools

Convince yourself of the production in maximum precision in quality AAAA. To achieve this, the results of the compensation measurement are used for the automatic fine correction of the grinding path and precisely implemented, completely in the sense of a Closed Loop. The grinding wheels are aligned to within ten thousandths of a degree. In this way, the quality of the skiving tool remains precise, constant and error-free, workpiece after workpiece.



Rolling Tools

For chipless thread production, the question arises: Can precise roller burnishing tools be manufactured even more precisely? Answer: Yes, on a Haas Multigrind® high-tech grinding machine. Our target range is nothing less than a surface finish of Rz in the sub-µ range. And in terms of profile accuracy, we are of course in no way inferior to this, likewise in the sub-µ range. Precision at its Best!


Milling Cutter

Here is the formula: The more complex the cutter, the better for the Multigrind® machine. First create easily and quickly with the new Haas workpiece visualization and then manufacture effortlessly. No matter whether you want to produce a standard workpiece in large quantities or your individual special milling cutter in batch size 1. Can't be done - doesn't exist. Challenge us with your specific tasks.


Extruder Screws

Precision grinding with the highest surface quality and precision, powerful and µ-accurate.  The complete machining of extruder screws up to 3,200 millimeters in length can now be realized on the Multigrind® CB and Multigrind® CB XL. To ensure that you manufacture economically, all the necessary grinding techniques are used: cylindrical grinding, profile grinding, non-circular grinding, slot grinding, milling and so on. On the Haas Multigrind® in just one clamping, because reclamping costs time, money and precision.



Profile Rolls in Closed Loop

Half a µ tolerance on the workpiece - that is record-breaking. The more precise the profile roll, the more accurately the grinding wheel is dressed and the more accurate the workpiece to be produced. Compensation grinding compensates for all shape deviations with µ precision. In the unmanned production of profile rolls in a single clamping, Haas Schleifmaschinen set standards from which the entire grinding industry benefits, and thus of course you as well.

Gear Hob

How do you achieve a permanent profile accuracy in quality AAAA for hobs? By permanently determining the grinding wheel profile and tracking the grinding wheel as the diameter shrinks. This is done fully automatically in a Closed Loop. And that, in turn, is the prerequisite for your new production strategy: unmanned production with fully automated handling. Are you ready?


Knee Endoprostheses

For manufacturers of box implants, a visit to Haas Schleifmaschinen is doubly worthwhile: Firstly, complete machining can now be carried out in one clamping on the inexpensive, ultra-compact Multigrind®CU. Secondly, the finish of the plane-parallel side walls in the box is now done by machine for the first time and without errors in finishing quality. Refinishing by hand is no longer necessary and the function of the artificial knee joint is significantly improved.


Profile Inserts

Do you want maximum flexibility in just one machine configuration? Plus the legendary Haas precision? We can fulfill these wishes for you. In our grinding process, the grinding wheel never leaves the contour. We grind profile inserts in one pass and the subsequent profile insert in the same way. The free angle design is done automatically. Gain a competitive advantage with this precision and flexibility right from the start.



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Zita Bader

Zita Bader works in the marketing and communication department of Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH.

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