Multigrind® Styx. Shows your data instead of simulating it.

The new simulation software from Haas is not simulation software at all: Multigrind® Styx shows pixels directly and with maximum precision.

This is how simulation becomes visualization – and grinding processes can be completely mapped in advance: without surfaces and without borders, without wasting time and material, and without stress. And thanks to the cloud-based solution, you get more performance with less computing power.


See how things are.

See how things are.

Multigrind® Styx shows how things are. And it’s the first visualization software to create a new dimension of representation. Literally to the point, because each pixel is calculated individually.

You see your workpiece data down to the smallest detail even before the machine starts. Welcome to the age of digital pre-grinding and configuration.

The tool for more than just tools.

The tool for more than just tools.

Multigrind® Styx can do more than simulate. And more than tools. Instead of reconstructing surfaces, Styx displays any shape, precise down to the pixel and without restrictions. And it quickly and precisely visualizes highly complex structures such as worms, plunge-in inserts, rollers, and artificial knee joints.

With visible machining offset. With all the details, unevennesses, and transitions. Even residual waviness in the workpiece surface is displayed, for the most precise adjustments and corrections imaginable and the final polish even before the first.

Computing power included.

Computing power included.

A new dimension in complex structures without great effort and expense. With the completely cloud-based calculation, you can work extremely quickly – we take care of providing the performance.

Certified secure servers ensure secure data, as well as up-to-date software, updates, and new features.

Power to the people.

Power to the People.

Machine operators become workpiece improvers. With Multigrind® Styx, you can optimize and control grinding results yourself. At your desktop PC or tablet or directly at the machine – you have multimedia access to every application. For fast and simple processes without circuitous methods and reconciliation thanks to a unique depth of detail and ease of operation.

Expands your horizons.

Expands your horizons.

Multigrind® Styx runs under Multigrind® Horizon and works seamlessly with the kinematics and tools of our grinding software as a component integrated into processes and the user interface. Without reconciliation, settings, or data export. The most powerful software for grinding machines now also has the best representation.

It pays for itself immediately.

It pays for itself immediately.

With the fair and transparent pricing model, you pay only a base price for the software license with Multigrind® Styx. Otherwise, you only pay for what you calculate. Updates and new features are available immediately and free of charge. Not even priced in yet: the enormous time and raw material savings through digital grind-in.

The future has only just begun.

Multigrind® Styx is redefining the genre: Simulation becomes visualization, and that’s just the beginning. Styx is constantly being further developed and gets better all the time thanks to new features. All updates are fed directly into the cloud and are free for users.


Release Note 1.28: Much more accurate than simulating

In the course of the current release, Multigrind® Styx has become even more user-friendly.
Convince yourself of our visualization software. 

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Release Note 1.27: Visualize instead of simulate

In the course of the current release, Multigrind® Styx has become even more user-friendly.
See for yourself the power of our visualization software.

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Release Note 1.26: Heatmap

Since the last release, the Multigrind® Styx visualization software again offers a highly interesting new function. With this extension, it is now also possible to load several simulation models simultaneously and compare them with each other. For this purpose, the color scheme of the newly available heatmap has also been adapted. This allows users a realistic target/actual comparison as well as the evaluation of component tolerances and cutting performance.



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Release Note 1.25: Discover it yourself.

In the course of the current release Multigrind® Styx has become even more user-friendly.
Make yourself a picture of the performance of our visualization software.

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Release Note 1.24: More comfort

In the course of the current release Multigrind® Styx has become even more powerful. The visualization software now includes additional practical measuring functions that make it even easier to correct the workpiece before grinding starts. 

Multigrind® Styx has also been enhanced with the option of displaying the grinding tool. 

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