Rotor: Maximum efficiency through maximum profile accuracy.

We show you on the GrindingHub how you can dramatically improve the efficiency of your rotor components for your customers’ screw compressors. Thanks to the innovative production process, the distance between the male and female rotor can be significantly reduced. This increases efficiency, saves energy, and significantly increases the operational reliability of compressors. Maximum precision in the μm range can be achieved if all production steps are coordinated in a collaborative process. Adelbert Haas achieves this by linking high-precision measurement technology and intelligent software within a Closed Loop. The automatic correction of the spiral pitch to perfection requires no intervention in the autonomous production process. And finally, the most groundbreaking feature: The combined machining of profile and cylindrical grinding takes place in just one single clamping and therefore on just one single grinding machine: The powerful Multigrind® CB. This is how maximum precision works today. What has been developed here at Adelbert Haas will have a lasting impact on future rotor production. So, take advantage of this turning point in rotor production now, before others do.



If you need a ticket for the GrindingHub in Stuttgart, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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