Curvic Coupling: Why produce on three machines when one machine can do it much better and faster?

Curvic coupling, what’s that again? Okay, for this showcase we have chosen something very complicated from the from the aviation sector. This critical component is used in helicopters, for example. What we want to show is a before and after: Previously, the external helical gearing was manufactured on one machine and the curvic coupling gearing on a second machine. The external and internal cylindrical grinding was then carried out on a third machine in two consecutive process steps. Until now! On the high-precision Multigrind ® CA high-tech grinding machine, we machine the complete workpiece in a single clamping operation. This grinding strategy is unique, and the process design is innovative. The Multigrind® CA produces the results our customers dream of: maximum precision and enormous time savings with minimum space requirements. The process guarantees repeatable results in series production and is also ideal for prototyping and one-off production. Do you currently produce similarly complex workpieces, such as curvic coupling, in more than one production step? Or on several grinding machines? Do you want to avoid unproductive set-up in the future? Then we should discuss it now.


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