Multigrind® Styx: The digital 360° view of the grinding process

Visualization of the metal removal rate in Multigrind® Styx enables optimum process design as early as the work preparation stage. This means that long physical test runs on the machine can be avoided or significantly shortened. 

The software-based decoupling of process optimization from the machine has considerable economic and ecological advantages. The savings in blanks and abrasives are particularly impressive. This is because the visualization of the metal removal rate and the optimization potential means that the abrasive can be used for longer. Thus, in addition to the consumption of abrasives, process times can also be reduced.

Efficiency and productivity: Virtual process optimization with Multigrind® Styx

The highly accurate analysis of material removal by Multigrind® Styx literally broadens the horizon. The parameters of the grinding process can be analyzed and optimized. The individual adjusting screws in the process, such as infeed, force application and abrasive, can be fully analyzed on the basis of the visualization. Basis for the 360° view of the grinding process: The NC code.

This also allows existing grinding processes for complex workpieces to be critically scrutinized. Based on a realistic analysis of the material removal, distinctions can be made between machining strategies. Among other things, a distinction can be made between time-, resource- and cost-optimized machining of workpieces. Know-how that can make a small but significant difference.

In addition to the objective evaluation of existing manufacturing processes, new grinding processes can be optimally designed in advance on the basis of the visualization of stock removal. Virtual process optimization objectifies statements about efficiency and productivity in advance of the production of complex workpieces. The focus here is on the user's own needs and challenges.

Visualization of metal removal rates: Become a grinding expert in no time at all

Visualization of the metal removal rate and the resulting optimization potential significantly shortens the path to building up grinding expertise. Now competitive cycle times can be achieved with Multigrind® Styx not only through grinding know-how and on the basis of physical test machining, but also in a targeted manner. And all this without spending machine hours and resources. This increases competitiveness, because the assessment of complex geometries and the required manufacturing strategies is possible without bias.

The basis for the transparency gained, the high-precision resolution of metal removal rates and forces. This means that nothing stands in the way of the virtual analysis and optimization of grinding processes. This is because a detailed analysis of infeed, feed and forces as well as the abrasive used is achieved. Potential abrasive deficiencies also become a calculable risk in production. This is because virtual detection and compensation is already possible in the work preparation stage.


Sustainability: Simply clever manufacturing.

In addition to the concrete savings potentials in resources that are achieved through consistent use in work preparation (e.g. machine hours, working time and workpiece blanks), the visualization of the metal removal rate offers additional possibilities in the area of sustainability. This is because the often qualitatively formulated claim of sustainable production can be further developed into a concretely calculable claim on the basis of the visualization of the metal removal rate. Based on the visualization of the material removal rate, the requirement can be easily included in the optimization efforts. For example, if the sustainability focus is on saving abrasives, this can be included in the analysis. In terms of computing power, there are no limits to the imagination here.

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