Interview: What is a game changer.

Question: What is a game changer, Mr. Wember?

Answer: Before I answer this question, one sentence: I'm not a big fan of Anglicisms and usually formulate my thought processes in German. But the alternative to a game changer is not a blank slate either. Or do you think paradigm shift is more appropriate? After all, it doesn't fit with a high-tech grinding machine. At Haas Schleifmaschinen in Trossingen, Germany, we are intensively engaged in fundamentally changing the way things are in our industry - in other words, literally changing.

Question: You haven't given us the answer yet, Mr. Wember. You're currently promoting your new tool grinding machine, the Multigrind® Radical, as a gamechanger - what do you mean by that?

Answer: Okay. For me, a game changer is a technology product that is able to break with the previous way of working. It overrides existing mechanisms and replaces them with something new. A game changer offers an entire industry the opportunity to change radically and thus move toward the future. The innovation push exerts strong pressure on all market participants. After all, those who fail to evolve run the risk of being left behind. For the game changer, this naturally also entails the risk of failure.

Question: Will the market recognize the opportunity and rethink and change its previous way of working?

Answer: But we are familiar with risks in Trossingen. We have always strived for technological leadership. The gold standard! We only develop something new if we are in a position to make something that already exists fundamentally better. And this time, we are not just better.

Question: Give us a concrete example. What do you want to prepare us for?

Answer: A tool grinding machine that we thought about radically 2 years ago and have now implemented consistently. Hence the name: Multigrind® Radical. We are currently preparing the market launch and are looking forward to the upcoming trade fairs to present our technology. At the GrindTec in Augsburg, you will get a first impression. I would love to let the cat out of the bag right now. But I had to promise our marketing department not to reveal any details yet. They have a plan and of course I can't interfere with it. We are currently in the final testing phase and the results are excellent. Dirk Wember laughs. My recommendation: Dear tool grinders, don't say afterwards that you didn't know. Register on our website and you will learn step by step the difference between the Multigrind® Radical and everything else that grinds up to now.

Question: You still have to confide one small hint to our readers.

Answer: Good. We are faster, simpler, more flexible, more economical, more precise and more future-proof than comparable tool grinding machines. But that's just the result. Our game changer will transform tool manufacturing, it's not about better, we are launching into a change. This is not possible with a high-tech tool grinding machine alone. We have developed the foundations for the game changer in our software department. The choreography between software and hardware is crucial, and that's what we stand for at Haas Schleifmaschinen in Trossingen. Software shop meets tinkerer. Understand me correctly, we are not interested in selling a machine, we offer comprehensive solutions for the future of tool manufacturing.

I can already tell, that's all you want to tell us at this point. It's a pity, but the spirit has become clear anyway: Let's change the game. Mr. Wember, thank you for your time and the interview.

Of course, there is already a bit more to our game changer.

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Zita Bader

Zita Bader works in the marketing and communication department of Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH.

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