Future update on the GrindDate 2019 from Haas Schleifmaschinen

GrindDate 2019: A look back to the past

Three days full house in Trossingen. The many visitors in the production and exhibition hall were the best compliment.

Relevant lectures by the Haas grinding experts and our competent technology partners.

The latest technology trends, such as small-scale bevel gear production, in direct exchange from expert to expert.

High-tech delicacies in "live operation": OPC-UA Solutions and super-fast workpiece simulation. Best Practice: Knee implant, ball screw, hook plate, roller peeling wheel, ball grinding. Read our blog post about it.

Deep insight into the solution portfolio: "Haas in the Cloud".

Digitalization at its best: The super-fast 1:1 simulation shows the real image of any workpiece.

Talk shop in dialogue: µ accurate through exact form dressing in the closed loop.

Grinding machine construction live: Experience the great variance of the Multigrind® series in the modern production hall.

Our most important tool: customer glasses. Haas Customer Care and Haas Training.

The management with Marie-Sophie Maier-Wember, Dirk Wember and Thomas Bader would like to thank over 500 visitors.


"First of all: Many thanks to all our customers, visitors, technology partners and energetic employees who contributed to the impressive success of GrindDate 2019 at Haas Schleifmaschinen. The response of the visitors convinced us that we are at the forefront with our Multigrind® technology topics", thanks Managing Director Thomas Bader on behalf of the management.


Full House in Trossingen

"We don't see GrindDate as a promotional event. In dialogue with our customers and partner companies, we want to advance grinding technology and share knowledge. In a direct exchange, we will discuss the hottest technology trends and their suitability for everyday use, promote innovations with built-in advantages and highlight best practice. The many visitors in the production and exhibition hall during the three days were the best compliment. Mission completed". Thomas Bader sums up with satisfaction.


The management with Marie-Sophie Maier-Wember, Dirk Wember and Thomas Bader is pleased about the intensive exchange with more than 500 visitors.


"Haas has opted for this format for the third time. The biennial rhythm of the leading trade fair GrindTec in Augsburg is too long for the rapid developments in our industry," says Managing Director Marie-Sophie Maier-Wember. "The focus on digitization, in the sense of industry 4.0, shows that there are permanent development steps that don't wait".


Haas in the Cloud

Marie-Sophie Maier-Wember and her team presented µ-accurate simulation, groundbreaking cloud connections, intelligent workpieces and machine learning in a networked production process. The progressive digitalization and automation could therefore also be experienced live at the presented grinding machines of the Multigrind® series and offered a deep insight into the solution portfolio of Haas Schleifmaschinen. 


Digitisation at its best. Our 1:1-simulation shows the real image of any workpiece.

High-tech delicacies in "live" operation

As usual from Haas, groundbreaking grinding applications were shown in the exhibition hall. Here are a few examples:

OPC-UA Solution at the Multigrind® CU: Grinding machine automation by transmitting machine data such as measured values, sensor data, controlled variables, parameters or control instructions. Automatic allocation of orders from the RFID codes of the raw parts and comparison with the ERP system or from the online shop. Application with high performance, easy configuration with the tablet, remote control and operation.

Workpiece simulation on the Multigrind CU: Super-fast 1:1 accurate representation of what is being calculated. Resolve minimal programming errors in advance. No "make-up", no approximation but the real image of any workpiece. No expensive blanks to grind to iron out inaccuracies in the simulation. Shown on the Multigrind® CU, calculated on the Amazon Cloud webserver in Frankfurt. A stable future solution in the now.

Bevel gear on the Multigrind® CA: Maximum precision, minimum set-up effort and short throughput times thanks to gear and cylindrical grinding in a single operation. Circular arc or cycloid. Bevel gears from 10 mm to 150 mm in quality 2 and 1, suitable for small series, special products, prototypes, test setups.

Knee implant on the Multigrind® CB: Complete machining by combined grinding and milling, fast and extremely precise. Polishable surfaces without finishing. Perfect finish developed together with the University of Magdeburg in the hard-to-reach knee implant box.

Ball screw on the Multigrind® CB: Complete machining of a 1,200 mm workpiece in one clamping. Much more precise results due to automatic dressing of grinding wheels up to 300 mm diameter. New: Machine table with up to double traveling support.

Hob cutter on the Multigrind® CA: Time savings through µ-accurate visualization in advance and precise machine control with the Multigrind® Horizon grinding software. Even more process reliability in advance through 1:1 representation in the simulation.

Insert on the Multigrind® CU: Grinding extremely complex and difficult to access workpieces in a single step. Collision monitoring with Multigrind® Horizon. Xing dressing during running production. Using the example of a particularly "hooky" special form of hook plate.

Roller skiving wheel on the Multigrind® CU: High-precision production of pinion gears whose tooth geometry has to be reground far backwards. The very complex geometry must fit in the µ range. This highly complex workpiece in mirror finish was increasingly in demand at Haas grinding machines. Haas presents the solution to a major technological challenge.

Different part families on the Multigrind® CU: High flexibility, simple production control and adjustment, changes are parameterized. Four Multigrind® CUs in a network multiply into an extremely powerful production unit. Fully automatic remote control, directly from the ERP system via OPC-UA.

Robot automation on the Multigrind® CU: From the blank to the finished, labeled and cleaned part. Extremely low operating effort, bulk material is fed in, ground and perfectly sorted with camera support.

Ball grinding on the Multigrind® CB: Highest precision through force-controlled grinding - measuring - grinding in closed loop. Result 1: Highest fitting accuracy of ball and calotte.  Result 2: Enormous time savings in production.

15 Multigrind® high-tech grinding machines in "live operation" impress the visitors.

Experience grinding machine construction live

A further highlight: The guided tour through the modern production and assembly hall shows the great variance of the Multigrind® series. During the ongoing manufacturing process and in different construction phases, visitors were able to inspect the customer-specific versions of a Multigrind® grinding machine.

Haas offers its visitors an exclusive insight into its two modern production lines.

The trend is irreversible

"The grinding machines of tomorrow are smart, intelligent and highly networked. The Multigrind® series in combination with the Multigrind® Horizon grinding software already generates efficient processes for series production today, as well as for small and medium quantities. Integrated process monitoring, predictive pre-simulation, collaborative applications and digital tools simplify production, make it more precise, flexible and economical," says Dirk Wember, Managing Director, describing the near future for the industry. "With our customer-centric approach, we are part of the solution and we want to talk to our customers about this. At the GrindDate, at the next trade fairs or in person during a visit to Trossingen.

Our most important tool: the Customer Focus.

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Zita Bader works in the marketing and communication department of Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH.

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