Multigrind® Horizon

We have reinvented grinding software. Resulting in a program, which participates rather than prescribing. As the central part of our machines. As an enabler, which helps you program, grind and reproduce your workpiece with accuracy. Intuitive and easy for programmers and machine operators to use. Capable and open to the applications of today and tomorrow. You will amazed by what you can do.  

A clever move: the user interface

Simplicity as a common thread: The clear chess board design guides you through the programming. With one uniform interface – no matter what you grind. Keeping all elements of the grinding process in view and under control at all times. Thanks to linked parameters, you can see mutual dependencies. And receive graphic feedback to changes to the grinding program in real time. 

Scope for everyone: the architecture

Clear programing, real-time responses. The open, modular architecture allows you to extend Multigrind® Horizon and adapt it to your needs. Use the parameter dependency to simply change the parameters of your workpiece – the dimensions, for example. Use the same grinding application without having to reprogram it. On request, load your parameters straight from an Excel spreadsheet, for example. The result is greater precision and process reliability. A huge time saving and complete concentration on the workpiece.

The macro interface shows you what’s happening

The Multigrind® Horizon’s macro programming allows you to turn the grinding processes into small sub-programs of the features of your workpiece. These can be used and combined time and again. And make up modules for individual workpieces, which the programmer can adapt and the operator can combine. Your staff only needs to intervene when something actually needs changing. And only make the changes as deeply and comprehensively as you want them to. 

The dress rehearsal: process visualization

Multigrind® Horizon provides you with several options for viewing and controlling the grinding process. And for intervening. The graphic user interface allows you to see changes each time you enter data. What’s more, on request Multigrind® Horizon simulates the grinding result and the entire process, now also including the time required. You get to see the workpiece and grinding process before the machine even gets started.

Further developed to be fit for the future

Future requirements are already integrated into the Multigrind® Horizon. With advanced customizing and open interfaces. For example, an OPC interface for Industry 4.0 applications. Even today, our grinding software is also ready for developments such as multi-processors computers or multi-threading (several calculations during one process). As the basis for everything that can be achieved today and in the future, it continues to develop in line with your requirements, projects and opportunities. 

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