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Currently, preparations for the GrindingHub in Stuttgart are in full swing at Haas Schleifmaschinen. A visit to booth C50 in Hall 10 is well worthwhile, as the precision specialist will be showcasing a whole range of future technologies in its usual manner. The production wonders all have one thing in common: performance results from the successful interaction of hardware and software.

Big on the small side: Multigrind® Radical in action.

The Multigrind® Radical cancels out opposites and will be seen in action for the first time at GrindingHub. On the compact all-in-one tool grinding machine, both rotary and plate tools can be manufactured with maximum precision. And this with a consistent reduction in non-productive times. The Gamechanger also achieves top times for tool and wheel changing. The productivity increases associated with the Multigrind® Radical are the new benchmark. And the new fast is very easy to handle.  

The operating concept of the Multigrind® Radical has been radically rethought. Haas Schleifmaschinen has decoupled the operation from the machine, which brings maximum independence. Multigrind® Horizon is located in the company's own network and is run via tablet, laptop or cell phone. This brings unprecedented mobility to the machine operator. And automated unmanned series production becomes the production standard with this approach. Parameterization, templates and ERP information form the data basis. Programming is super simple and makes very fast production changes possible. Just provide parts and start grinding. Additional performance, fast service, current updates, physical information, safety instructions, process parameters and very much more can be easily retrieved from the cloud on request. 

When turnkey grinding is no longer enough: Multimation.

The developments of the last few years clearly show that the requirements are constantly increasing. However, this does not simply apply to the complete machining of complex workpieces, but above all to the pre- and post-manufacturing processes. The key to success here, too: The software. The decisive factor here is the interface. And this is where Multimation will take over control in the future.

Multimation enables manual and automatic workflows, completely customized, just as customers need it. And without any losses in process times. The interface to the ERP system, customized of course, just like the process. Located in the company network and always there.

The advantage is obvious: It will be much easier than before, because the mapping of the setup processes was cumbersome until now. With Multimation, the entire manufacturing process can be mapped and controlled. Process components such as manual scanning, automation solution and cleaning system or labeling machine, etc. can be digitally removed and added as required. Good for productivity, individual process components can be bypassed with Multimation in the event of a malfunction and can be controlled again after the malfunction has been rectified. Intervention in the job or order lists thus becomes standard practice, resulting in a significant reduction in downtime.

Multigrind® CB XL: Complex workpieces up to 3,200 millimeters

The 5-axis CNC grinding center Multigrind® CB XL for the complete machining of workpieces up to 3,200 millimeters in length literally sets new standards in precision. Production in a single setup is particularly attractive for manufacturers of large tools, such as shaft parts with splines or gear cutting tools. But the oversized high-tech grinding center has also become a pacesetter in the machining of long, slender parts such as landing gear parts for aircraft, turbine components, ball screw drives, racks and guideways. Its consistent symmetrical design gives the Haas Multigrind® CB XL the necessary stability and rigidity to meet precision demands.

The precision specialists in Stuttgart demonstrate that the software takes manufacturers of complex XXL workpieces a step further. Because the Multigrind® Styx visualization software enables digital pre-grinding. With visible machining heel. With all details, inequalities and transitions. Even residual ripples in the workpiece surface are displayed, for the most precise adjustments and corrections and the final polish even before the first. The advantage is clear: expensive blanks and machine hours are saved.

Not enough yet? Please. Gladly.

In addition to the Multigrind® Radical, Multimation and Multigrind® CB XL, the precision specialist from Trossingen has its tried-and-tested all-rounders and problem solvers in its baggage: the Multigrind® CU, Multigrind® CA and Multigrind® CB. The performance of the universal grinding machines can be seen in the production of rotors for pelletizing, the manufacture of grooving plates and skiving tools, and the resharpening or manufacture of hobbing cutters. Each workpiece in the production process is demanding in itself. With the successful interaction of hardware and software, however, it is quite simple. Because with hardware and software from a single source, there is no such thing as too complex for economical production.

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