Maximum precision for rotary tools and inserts.

Haas Schleifmaschinen: The game changer. 

Over the last few years, Haas Schleifmaschinen has implemented a wide variety of turnkey solutions that produce cutting tools for a wide range of manufacturing processes. These are characterized by the perfect interaction between hardware and software. With the Multigrind® Radical, Haas Schleifmaschinen is continuing this tradition and will bring the future of tool grinding to life at the AMB. Milling cutters, drills and inserts as required and in chaotic loading. Of particular interest here is the fundamentally rethought operating concept, which is fit for the future. The focus is on the consistent decoupling of operation and machine. A logical reduction that leads to unprecedented independence. With the new operating concept, the machine becomes a pure executer.

The machine as executer: The new liberty in tool grinding.

Because everything in grinding revolves around the NC code, operation or programming in CNC grinding has always been inextricably linked to the machine itself. The high-tech grinding machine as a pure execution system was previously inconceivable. However, if calculation and machine are separated, completely new possibilities arise. The decoupling shifts the necessary computing load from the machine to the network.  This not only makes the generation of NC code more flexible overall, but also significantly faster. This is because scaling is possible in the network, but not on the machine.

This means that the operating concept offers a large degree of freedom even after many years of use. This is because the obsolescence of the machine's PC control system is prevented. Considerations about retrofitting and upgrading slowly aging controls are therefore obsolete. In this way, the user can benefit directly from the permanent further developments in the software. This is because the NC code is calculated in the company network and not on the machine. The calculation is located in the company's own network and is thus available for execution via tablet, laptop and cell phone. This makes the work in front of the machine more flexible. The tool grinder thus works on the move and is always up-to-date wherever he is. By locating it in the company network, operation is no longer limited to just one machine. It can be implemented for several machines via a freely selectable platform (tablet, PC, laptop). And the topic of IT security is also taken into account by the separation.

In addition to extending the service life of the machine, the operating concept offers scope for sustainable flexibilization of the working reality. Dispensing with the classic control system on the machine changes the workplace. A previously inflexible working environment is made more flexible. In addition, the location in the company network offers a better overview. Synergies also result from the common basis with regard to networking, documentation, interfaces, parts spectrum, production infrastructure, etc.

One solution: Unlimited possibilities in tool grinding.

However, it is not only the operating concept that is remarkable, but also the performance. The Multigrind® Radical was developed against the backdrop of constantly increasing demands in the production of precision tools. The key words here are: faster production, more precise tools, just-in-time production, lower quantities, very small batches from batch size 1 to 100, and chaotic loading.


Haas Schleifmaschinen: Cutters, drills and inserts.

Multigrind® Radical: All-in-one tool grinding machine.

Haas Schleifmaschinen meets these challenges with a great deal of technical finesse, so that milling cutters, drills and plates can be ground radically faster, extremely flexibly and extremely efficiently, depending on requirements. Best times for both tool change and wheel change. And because tool and wheel changes take place in parallel, additional time is saved. Non-productive times are thus a secondary matter. The Multigrind® Radical is equipped to the maximum and yet radically reduced. It stands on a footprint of 1,425 × 1,875 mm and, at 2,070 mm, is also ideally suited for low shop heights. The machine bed is inherently rigid and made of mineral casting. The free over-corner access, absolutely user-friendly. Also an added value: The quick integration into the production - without major programming effort. No lengthy training during installation and operation. Start of production immediately and without loss of time. Parameterization, templates and ERP information form the data basis. The programming itself, super simple and makes very fast production changes possible. Just provide parts and get started.  

The Multigrind® Radical can be experienced from 13.09 - 17.09 at the AMB in Stuttgart in Hall 1 at Stand 1E70.

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Zita Bader works in the marketing and communication department of Adelbert Haas GmbH.

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