GrindDialog: The time is ripe for new high-tech grinding solutions.

The GrindTec, the most important trade fair for grinding technology, was also cancelled in November after the original date in mid-March. The renewed cancellation leaves a large information gap in the industry. The 2-year frequency of the GrindTec is in itself far too long, in relation to the large development steps in high-tech grinding and after another 16 months there is no option waiting for the GrindTec 2022.


What to do?

Haas Schleifmaschinen immediately decided to present its innovations despite the cancellation of the November date. From November 10 to 13, the GrindDialog took place under strict hygiene rules at Haas Schleifmaschinen's headquarters. The new products and innovations were demonstrated live to a selected audience. Not as at a trade fair, but in the large modern production hall and the exhibition foyer in Trossingen. 11 partner companies joined this initiative of Haas Schleifmaschinen. This shows that the time was overripe for a dialogue from expert to expert. The event took place in a Corona-compliant manner, in compliance with a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept.


Thomas Bader: Managing Director at Haas Schleifmaschinen. 

"Our hybrid concept of live demonstrations, discussion groups and online workshops was a real surprise success. We wanted to actively use the GrindDialog as a platform for inspiration and for the exchange of knowledge and information. Despite Corona, we succeeded in doing so very well. Through "face to face" demonstrations on our Multigrind® high-tech grinding machines and in personal exchanges with our visitors, we were finally able to show what we have developed, where we currently stand and what is waiting for us in the future. The interested visitors and the consistently positive feedback confirmed us in our initiative. We were also pleased to see how many potential new customers became aware of Haas and how many used the GrindDialog to get to know each other. A small drop of bitterness remains this year nevertheless. Due to travel restrictions, the number of international visitors was manageable and the online workshops were only an insufficient substitute for personal dialog." sums up Thomas Bader.

Next Level Grinding: Haas Schleifmaschinen presents its top innovations for 2020 - finally.

The series of workshops at the GrindDialog included the following main topics. As at GrindDate 2019, groundbreaking grinding applications were shown in the exhibition forum. Here is a selection that can be seen:

Skiving Tool: Here there is finally a solution for a great technical challenge. We can now produce and manufacture any profile of skiving tools and all this in just one clamping. The closed loop ensures us the highest manufacturing quality and the smallest profile tolerances. In addition, we achieve a significant increase in efficiency using standardized grinding wheels. These highly complex workpieces in mirror finish were increasingly in demand at Haas. We are ready.

Turbine components: The fully automated production and repair of turbine components is now possible. Our customers benefit directly from the low production times in combination with the lowest tolerances. Loading, machining and measuring is done in a closed loop. The advantages of this technology are a real development leap. And this we show you. ​​​​​​​

Grinding wheel bodies: All grinding strategies are now possible when manufacturing grinding wheel bodies. This means you can grind with both radial and straight grinding wheels. Grinding wheel bodies are finished in a closed loop by profile compensation to ensure consistent process quality. Programming is simple - even for extremely complex workpieces. In future, Haas Schleifmaschinen customers will be able to realize valuable savings potentials in the simplest possible way.

Forming Tools: You can adjust to this: To the individual parameterization of all geometry and technology properties. To "just-in-time production" through an open software solution for minimum stock keeping and maximum flexibility. And to the cost-effective production of a wide variety of workpieces in batch size 1. Your advantage: Maximum flexibility with which you can safely plan your future, regardless of which tools are currently in demand.

Taps: Taps are now machined completely in one clamping from M1 to maximum. We make high-speed grinding with CBN grinding wheels possible and increase the efficiency and precision in the entire manufacturing process. Even with high volumes, fully automated "Just-In-Time manufacturing" of taps in just one clamping is much more economical and precise. This allows you to react to the changing conditions in the market with a future-oriented production strategy.

Spherical grinding: Highest fitting accuracy of ball and calotte is the goal of this grinding process. The high-precision results with the tightest tolerances can be continuously repeated. Flexible, fast set-up and low production time guarantee enormous time savings in production. In order to ensure that things run smoothly for you, we recommend that you take a close look at this production strategy, or better still, under the microscope.

Femoral implants: More efficiency from the world market leader: faster processing with the best surface quality is the main focus here. The new fully automated manufacturing process combines grinding and milling and significantly reduces unit costs. Femoral implants will in future be manufactured in a "light-out" production process. Trust the number 1, because our technology is the absolute market leader for complex free-form surfaces and we are constantly developing it further. You can rely on this.

Worm Gear Shafts: Precision grinding in a new dimension. This makes manufacturers of compressors, pump shafts, extruder screws, conveyor screws, gear racks, broaching tools, trapezoidal and ball screw spindles sit up and take notice: The economical complete machining of screw shafts up to 3,200 millimeters long can now be realized on the Haas Multigrind® CB and Multigrind® CB XL. Of course, with the highest surface quality and precision, powerful and µ-accurate. All the necessary grinding techniques are used to economically machine worm shafts: cylindrical grinding, profile grinding, non-circular grinding, relief grinding, milling and so on. On the Haas Multigrind® in just one clamping, because clamping costs time, money and precision.​​​​​​​

Conclusion on the future update on the GrindDialog:

We are becoming more precise, faster, more economical and more flexible all round.

Convince yourself of the new production strategies in the respective blog articles. Haas' application engineers configure a complete turnkey solution exactly according to your current requirements and also take your future ideas into account. We will find the solution, and we look forward to working with you.

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Zita Bader

Zita Bader works in the marketing and communication department of Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH.

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